Diego Junior Skate Combo in Vinyl Bag (Size 6-12)

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Product Description

This first time skater's combo features the Go, Diego, Go graphics. Our fully adjustable skate fits junior shoe sizes 6-12. Quad wheel design offers maximum stability and both left and right toes feature brakes to allow for quick and easy stops. Our knee and elbow pads have a hook and loop feature for quick and easy adjustments.

Youngsters will love these skates as they roll their way toward their very own adventures. Featuring four sturdy wheels, impact-resistant toes, quick toe brakes, and easy-on, easy-off straps, these beginner skates offer durability, a smooth ride, and a comfortable fit. These Diego-themed skates boast fun and colorful graphics, and includes a set of matching elbow/knee pads which provide perfect protection for novice skaters.

Knee and Elbow pads with hook and loop straps for quick and easy adjustments

Adjustable, first timer's skate fits junior shoe sizes 6-12 without the use of any tools

Fun Go, Diego, Go Graphics

Quad wheel design provides maximum stability, left and right toe brakes allow quick and easy stops

PVC impact resistant caps

Product Information

Packaging Size:4.5 x 10.2 x 12.1 inches

Shipping Weight:1.9 pounds

Item Model / Model No.:135054